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As far as the terms and conditions that are stated below are concerned, these are deemed to have been accepted by the user once they are making use of this website. Please go through them carefully and read them well before taking a look at the services that are offered at this portal.

The website of Webclixs is offered to you on the basis of your acceptance of the terms and conditions as well as the notifications that have been published herein. On using the website, you are agreeing to be bound with the terms and technicalities that relate to the website. Webclixs may bring about a revision regarding the way you are using this website, without intimating you.

General Terms:

since you will use the website, you will not be permitted to make use of the site for illegal purposes or terms that are prohibited. Additionally, usage will be prohibited if you using could damage, over burden, impair or disable any site belonging to Webclixs. You should not acquire unauthorized access to a site or user account, computer network or system by virtue of hacking password or through any other procedure. We do not take responsibility for any kind of damage that is created to the computer system of the user or in case data is lost by downloading content, information or materials from our website.

Webclixs may alter or even for that matter discontinue any material on the website at any given time and this includes the features as well as the content. The right to change or alter the terms and conditions of the content rests solely with Webclixs.

Content Policies :

The content that is presented on the website is the exclusive property of Webclixs. Hence, you cannot copy or imitate, reproduce or republish or even transmit or upload material without gaining the prior consent of the company. Unauthorized usage of materials that appear in this website will lead to copyright, legal or trademark violations.

Privacy Policies :

IYour privacy is of utmost importance to us and we do not share information that you have submitted to us before any third party organization. Take a look at our Privacy Policy regularly to stay updated.

Terms of Use :

Check out the page on Terms of Use for detailed specifications. Refunds and Cancellation policies are also posted hereon.

  • If an existing client doesn’t respond to any queries or concerns put forth by the Webclixs team regarding their project in a month time, then the project will be put on “Hold”.
  • When a website’s access (admin panel login credentials) is handed-over to the client, we, webclixs, will not be responsible for any changes made to the site.

Legal Matters :

This agreement is governed in accordance with the laws of the government of India and by reading it, you have irrevocably consented to the private jurisprudence of the law court in case there is any dispute arising from or pertaining to using this website.

Domain Registration & Hosting

Domain Registration :

We register Domain(s) on behalf of our clients. For domain registration, we require client’s approval and one ID Proof.

Domain Renewal :

For domain renewal, we seek approval from client 1 week before the domain expiration date. For domain renewal, full advance payment has to be done from the client. If the domain expires and we do not get approval from the client, in that case we will not be responsible for the loss of domain name.

Domain Transfer :

In case the client wants to transfer his/her domain from us, then he/she has to inform us 30 working days prior from the date of domain expiration.

Hosting :

If the credentials for the hosting is with us and also with client, then In-case of any damage to the website, we will not be responsible.

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