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"Let us optimize your website speed"

Is your website running a little slow? We are specialized in getting the maximum performance out of any type of website, including yours. A website’s performance ensuring that every page of it opens as quickly and efficiently as possible, no matter which device a visitor is surfing the internet from. Providing a better experience, websites that load faster attract more visitors than slow websites that tend to loose visitors immediately.

If you want to attract more visitor, you must work to optimize the speed of your website and minimize the load time of web pages.

We Give Google Exactly What Google Wants

With Google’s recent announcement, you have got one more reason to increase web page speed scores for your website. In a major update, the search engine giant has revealed that faster loading websites will have better chances of achieving higher ranks. There’s a connection between page speed and SEO, and it’s exactly why your pages need to load quickly.

How much is cost of page speed optimization?

It varies upon the agency to agency Every agency will likely charge something a little different. However, at WebClixs, our prices range between $300 and $900 as a one-time investment.

This will cover following services-

  • Expert Analysis of Your Website
  • Highest Google Page Speed Score Possible with Your Website
  • Best Page Load Times Possible with Your Website
  • Mobile, Desktop & Tablet Optimization
  • No downtime of your website

How to check your website speed?

Insert your website URL and click on analyse button

If your website score is less according to Google Analyzer, we are here to help you

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