Mistakes in web designing that can put down your business sales

Web design

Web design

Mistakes in web designing that can put down your business Sales

According to a recent survey 75% of the website’s credibility is imputed to its design. It is quite not easy to develop a website which the users will love to interact with ! The route to a compatible website is surely packed with numerous errors, repetitions and testing!! Your websites design can have significant impact on your sales. Your website can be served as the first point of contact between you and your potential customers, one who visits your website and finds any mistakes in it, can perceive it as less trustworthy. Either you are building a website from the ground up or giving a fresh look to your current one, things to be kept  in mind are the crucial mistakes in web designing that can put down your business sales.

  • Grotesque website designing

According to ResearchGate 94% of the websites first impression are mostly design related. One of the major reasons that makes a website look cluttered is using too much of colors along with different fonts and low-quality images etc. pushing your visitors immediately because the whole website doesn’t seem pleasing or appealing to the eyes.

  • Nonresponsive/ Slow reading website

One of the major reasons that can turn off, for customers is non responsive / slow loading website. Considering the second quarter of 2022, the mobile devices, even excluding the tablet constitute over 58% of the global website traffic. Recent study shows that nearly 47% of the customers expect a website to open in less than two seconds even no one wants to wait for more than 15 seconds from webpage to open. If your website is not easily accessible on devices other than desktop like mobile, tablet, you may risk frustrating visitors and will be increasing your bounce rate.

  • Aesthetics

One of the most emerging websites designing mistakes that has gained momentum in the last few years is the overpowering of aesthetics over function. Over the years with the massive explosion of new media and design, resulting the most imperative for success is excelling. Unfortunately ending in a blast of excessive use of design and graphic elements but at the same time will lack or feel disconnected from the true purpose of the website.

  • Creating unstructured or unclear content

Are you confident that your website content is captivating enough to engage and can twin your website visitors into paying customers? If your website content failed to match the expectations of your targeted customers, they may not be willing to stay on your website for long time.

  • Poor SEO implementation and optimization

The important requirement for the most companies is the want of their website to be listed on Google and to generate leads.

But Here is the biggest mistake made!

Keyword stuffing this will make your website look robotic and even Part too promotional which is not much popular with Google and users, those leaving your poorly designed SEO content derelicted.

  • Poor design and placement of CTA

Without the presence of clear “Call to Action” any website could seem to be pointless. Why? Due to the point that without a direct CTA button, Customers / website visitors will not be able to interact with your website and also with your product and services.

In addition, it’s very important to place the CTA at the proper places, as if not doing so, can lead to not converting the website visits, to many a hot lead. These mistakes can let the potential customers go from the company.

  • Overcrowded web pages: –

Just like adding too little information on your web page, you will risk not delivering the sufficient information to your users, similarly adding too much can also make it difficult for the users to understand enact or ingress.

Website designers can engage users with the resources and offer extremely crowded websites in their recklessness. Do remember that website design should be maintained compatibility for its visitors.

How Webclixs as an agency can help you in not commencing the Mistakes in web designing that can put down your business Sales.

  • Engaging Websites

Users hate the experience of lengthy and tedious text with a weak contrast straining their eyes, while reading them. Our expert web designers creates an attractive, attention -grabbing design that can help the visitors to keep engaged with your website. We take high care of the color, size and contrast of the text. Every time, we pick a color for the text we look at the colors next to it. We take care that the contrast of the text is high enough so that it doesn’t harm the reading experience. Making sure everything is readable and easy on the eyes.

  • Making a clear CTA:

According to reports, the Conversion rate for default and multivariate CTAs is much lower to 1% as compared to smart CTAs coming in at approximately 3.5%.  The Web Designer at Webclixs makes a clear picture of What you expect your clients to do in your website, ensuring that your website have a clear Call to Action, showing your customer what they need to do next. Thus, they don’t have to put much effort to search for it.

  • Avoiding overfilling website: –

Although White Space should be an integral part of the Web designing but as a company, users want more and more information on their website, resulting Overfilling of the website.

Webclixs as an agency keeps in mind to  not to overfill your space with contents or ads! Allowing  some White Space for your visitors to rest their eye on. It ultimately makes everything feel better and much more natural and easier to read.

  1. It minimizes cluttering and makes it easier for the customers to consume information.
  2. Establishes a hierarchy of content.
  3. It will lead to the increase in flow and productivity of your website.
  4. Since the colors leaves a strong impact on your brand identity, we ensure to choose the right colors for your page which makes it easier for the users to know where to look.
  • Proper Navigation: –

Our experts work on proper navigation, making your website look more organized, easily accessible resulting in the increase of organic traffic and generating leads on your website.

1.Our expert designers plan out how your visitors will be navigating through your website. At the same time the core pages of your website should be easily accessible.

2.All the links are double checked on your website to ensure that they all work and lead, where they are supposed to be.

3. We ensure that your users should be able to navigate to the homepage easily either through the company logo or the navigation menu. Our experts at Webclixs makes sure that we add these features for an easy browsing experience.

  • Work on Responsive Design

In the Current Scenario, mobile responsive design is an integral part of smooth Internet experience. Over more than 50% of the web traffic is through mobile devices, but most of the company neglect their websites for mobile users.

Our experts at Webclixs makes sure to provide a good experience for people browsing on tablets and mobiles using the following: –

  1. Use responsive tools like Google’s mobile friendly test at the starting point to check whether your website is mobile friendly or have to work on it.
  2. We make sure that elements, banners must be able to accessible to mobile devices along with the buttons and links.


LET’S FACE IT. If you willing to make a Website Makeover or build up a fresh website. Webclixs as an expert agency can help you with that, we have the Right People with Right Expertise to make your website more Alive. We are a group of Expert professionals keeping in Mind the Mistakes in Web Designing that can put down your business Sales. It’s important to ensure that your website is designed to enhance the user experience and making it easily accessible to customers. Avoiding these common mistakes in website designing will improve the efficiency of your website and result in more sales for your business. Remember, keep your website fast, easy to navigate, and provide sufficient information to build trust with your customers.

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